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Sleep Nuggets

20 Nov

Welcome to Sleep Nuggets! This is my place to keep track and share all the wonderful tid-bits I’m learning as a mattress professional with Sleepy’s.

As a mom of 4 children I’ve always been particular about sleep. The day after any of my girls have a sleepover is horrendous.  Their lack of sleep results in  sarcastic,  impatient, crabby individuals.  Not to mention the head cold/virus they will be sure to pick up b/c their immune system is compromised.

This is true for adults as well; I definitely feel more irritable and require an afternoon caffeine fix if I don’t get a good 6 hours of sleep.

Science has proved this is not an Ole Wives tale.  Sleep deprivation equals less energy and activity, which can lead to lower metabolism and excess weight gain.  It affects our reflexes and response time making daily activities potentially dangerous, like driving!

Enjoy these little ‘sleep nuggets’ and please implement them when/where you can.