Personality traits and your sleep position

15 Jan

Reading someone’s body Language while they are awake is one thing. Reading it while they are sleeping is another. Chris Idzikowski, director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, discovered a link between six common sleep positions and specific personality types. See what your sleep position says about you:

Similar to an M&M—hard exterior but
soft on the inside—it takes a while for
these curled up sleepers to warm up
to new people, but they usually relax
soon after. This sleep position is the
most common (41% out of the 1,000
people studied) and more than twice
as many women as men drift off to
sleep in the fetus position.
If you’ve ever heard the phrase “sleep-
ing like a log,” this is it. If you sleep on
your side with both arms down, you are
probably laid-back, sociable, and love
the spotlight. You’re very trusting, even
to strangers, but tend to be a bit naïve.
It is easy to see the open-natured per-
sonality of these sleepers, lying on
their side with their arms stretched
out in front. If you are a yearner, you
might have difficulty making decisions
but rarely change your mind once you
have come to a conclusion. You can
also be paranoid and sarcastic.
Ten-hut! These straight-as-an-arrow back
sleepers have both arms pinned down to
the side. Similar to a militaristic lifestyle,
people who sleep in this position are
reserved and quiet. They set high
standards for themselves and others.
Lying flat on their stomach, arms
around the pillow and head to the
side, these skydiver look-alikes are
usually outgoing and can easily
become hotheaded. They do not take
criticism or confrontation very well, as
they are more sensitive than they let
others know.
Although they may lie on their backs
with arms up and around the pillow,
these back sleepers would rather hang
out in the back of a crowd than be the
center of attention. However they do
get the spotlight when it comes to
kindness. Always offering assistance
and an open ear, mind and heart,
these sleepers make great friends<


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