Flu virus & your pillows

22 Jan

imageYou should sanitize pillows for a number of reasons. Whether you do it following an illness or just because the pillow is beginning to smell musty, regular sanitizing helps keep bacteria and mold from growing. Plus high quality pillows can get very expensive, and most people can’t afford to just toss them out and buy new ones. Don’t spend money taking your pillows to the dry cleaners because it is easy enough to sanitize them right at home.

Hand wash the pillows. Don’t put pillows in a washer because it can damage the machine and ruin the pillows. Simply fill your bathtub with hot water and detergent, and agitate with your hands.

Rinse thoroughly. Depending on the thickness of the pillows, rinsing may take some time.

Gently squeeze the water out. Squeezing gets the excess water out of the pillow without ruining its shape.

Toss your pillows in the dryer. Set the dryer to the highest heat. This kills bacteria as well as dust mites.

Lightly mist the pillows with antimicrobial spray. These are available in the detergent aisle of nearly every grocery store.

Cover the pillows. Pillow covers not only extend the life of your pillow, but help to prevent bacterial growth. You protect your mattress with a waterproof allergen pad, protect your pillows too.

Keep them clean. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 once a month to keep your pillows free from dust mites and germs.


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