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Tossing & turning?

6 Mar

When you are sleeping your brain is still active and aware of blood constriction. Your brain will move your body when blood is constricted, causing tossing and turning.

Every time your body moves your sleep stage reverts back to the first stage. You need to get through all 5 stages 8- 12 times a night for a good restorative sleep. Your sleep surface needs to relieve pressure, encouraging optimum blood flow.



What’s the cause of your anxiety?

4 Mar

Numerous sleep studies performed at Stanford proved that if you don’t have REM sleep at least 4 hours a night you are more susceptible to anxiety, depression and fatigue.
REM sleep is when you’re Brain categorizes and “files” all of the events and drama, traumas of the day..


Did you know?

1 Mar

1 out of 5 vehicle accidents is due to lack of sleep? Many people think the #1 reason is drunk driving but it is actually sleep deprivation.


Are you average?

28 Feb

How many times a night do you think you toss and turn? The average person tosses and turns 50-70 times a night

When do you begin your day?

27 Feb

Our day doesn’t begin when we wake up in the morning, but when we go to bed at night. That is when our bodies repair themselves!